I highly recommend doing LASIK here (SILC Lasik Center)

I got my Lasik Surgery at SILC Lasik Center with Smartsurface method with Dr. Sophie. I made this review after one week post-surgery. They’re very strict about the health regulations, which is good knowing the pandemic. After you finish with the administration, first they will check your eyes condition, if it’s qualified for Lasik or not. Then you will see the doctor. If your eyes condition ok, the doctor will explain which surgery method can be used for our eye condition. You can choose the method for the surgery (Zlasik or Smartsurface) based on doctor examination. And then we will determine the operation date. The date of operation that I chose, was the same day as my screening eyes examination.

After 2 hours waiting my surgery was finally carried out. We are prohibited from using perfume, body lotion and makeup around the eyes on the day of the operation. The operation took about 25 minutes, and the instructions given by the doctor and staff were very clear. When the surgery was performed, all I felt was a chill from the dripping liquid in my eyes. My eyes also feel very heavy, but my vision is clear enough but blurry, it is highly recommended to bring a companion to accompany you during surgery.

After I finished the surgery, I was given an explanation of the post-operative procedures I should do at home. After I got home, the pain in my eyes began to feel, I couldn’t open my eyes because they felt heavy, the pain was felt until the second day after surgery, my vision was still blurry. By the third day my eyes were less painful, but still uncomfortable and very sensitive to bright light.

The fourth day my eyes feel fine, but the vision is still a little blurry. Day five was my first control day and it was scheduled to remove the protective lenses that were put on during surgery. After removing the protective contact lens, the feeling when using the drops will sting more, but the eye feels lighter.

On the seventh day my eyes were very comfortable and my vision was clear, my eyes could read very small writing and were less dazzled when I saw the light. Overall the service is very good and it’s a fun experience. The doctors are professional, I did not feel scared by the surgery. I highly recommend doing LASIK here.